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Een reis om de wereld in achttien verhalen


Een reis om de wereld in achttien verhalen is a bundle of carefully curated short stories by 18 Master students of Social and Cultural Anthropology about their experiences doing field research abroad. The book gives insight to their findings in a snappy and richly illustrated form, ‘magaziiiny’ style. It was published by Vamos Bien in 2014. A fresh foundation supporting anthropologists to put their research into practice.


Creating more public awareness on the topic is also part of the mission of Vamos Bien, so we were invited to make a book telling the unexpected and exciting stories of these students. An attractive and lasting form of communication, documenting a life changing experience to most of these engaged youngsters. We also made it available as free digital download on www.vamosbien.nl



First of all we made selection of students with interesting stories. Then we collected heaps of content from them and edited texts and images. Our visual concept for the book basically was to go heavy on visuals, creating a magazine like look and feel. The graphic design, dtp and typography of this 140 page book were an exciting journey for us as well. Last but not least came the conception of the cover and title for the book, a not so foggy reference to its contents.



Proud of the product, we shot and cut the ‘printing of’ at Tuijtel too, vamos bien!



“Betrokken Wetenschap. Wetenschap is ontdekken en inzicht krijgen. Met als doel? De wereld leefbaar te houden en - waar mogelijk - de kwaliteit ervan te verbeteren. Al schrijven veel wetenschappers in tijdschriften voor wetenschappers, het doel ligt daarbuiten, dat anderen er hun voordeel mee doen. Dit boek van Vamos Bien getuigt van deze taakopvatting.”


prof. dr. Theo Schuyt, Hoogleraar Filantropische Studies VU Amsterdam.



Een reis om de wereld in achttien verhalen is published by Vamos Bien © 2014


Initiative by Eric Schuit


Stories by  Jori Alkemade, Josefien de Ridder, Rixt Vellenga, Emmy Okkema, Mark de Waard, Nadine Kliffen, Marjolein  Boelens, Luiza Silva de Andrade, Jorge Alves, Marit Bakker, Charlotte ten Have, Brecht Zijlstra, Aarti Baldewsing, Wouter Ooms, Minna Raitapuro, Fennelien Stal, Marly Broertjes and Anke Anemaet

Text editing by Nadine Kliffen, Sara Mattens and Eric Schuit

Production by Sara Mattens and Jeffrey Croese | Vinger.nl

Graphic design by Jeffrey Croese | Vinger.nl

Image editing by Jeffrey Croese | Vinger.nl


Video by Jeffrey Croese | Vinger.nl

Music by Raven Bros.


Special thanks to Bertrand Sabas, Floor Wesseling, Robbert Doelwijt, Marco van Aggelen and Meijers Registermakelaars in Assurantiën


Print by Tuijtel , Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Nederland

Circulation: 1.000

ISBN: 978-90-821214-0-7

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