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‘Hoekenrode’ is the square between shopping centre Amsterdamse Poort and train station AMSTERDAM Bijlmer-Arena. It forms the nexus between the residential, the commercial and the large scale entertainment area’s of Amsterdam Southeast. in 2014 Hoekenrode underwent a serious renovation and was transformed into an open square packed with terraces, welcoming companies like Nuon, Hampton by Hilton and a wide range of new restaurants and bars.

For the festive opening of the renewed hoekenrode square, the city of Amsterdam and production house Meneer de Leeuw commissioned Vinger.nl to take care of the event & campaign design. WE createD a visual identity, PRODUCED all means of communication and PRESENTED a life-size outdoor photo exhibition.


It all starts with the visual identity, key to the look & feel of the event. Our proposition: Hoekenrode is the new dedicated spot in Amsterdam Southeast to hang out, offering a broad range of leisure and gastronomic activities. Our solution: a Dynamic style that can be translated into a wide variety of applications, representing all functions of the square in a fun and iconic fashion.

To include different types of stakeholders and users of the square, we made a life-size photo exhibition portraying and quoting 25 of them in public space during the opening and several weeks after. The qr codes connected to their personal stories in full length, featuring the square in many different ways. In addition these images and interviews provided an interesting body of content for the online campaign launching the new Hoekenrode.

decor & signing

project website, invitations, ads and so on.

Event & campaign design for opening hoekenrode was a vinger.nl production 2014, made possible with the hard labour of: Sara Mattens (project management), Jeffrey Croese (creative direction), Rutger Paulusse (graphic design), Rachel Tokromo (production), Sangiorgio Blonk (assist production), Ilja Meefout (photography), Les Adu (assist photography) and Ashar Medina (interviews)

Participants exhibition: Emile Jaensch, Steve Rosendahl, Victor van der Knaap, Luis Lomas & Pamela Pinedo, Kiraz Cital Cintan, Denousa Hiwat, Mavis Hofwijk, Anita & Thijs Verstegen, Robbert Doelwijt, Amal el Mallouli & Esher Macharius, Mitchell van Ommeren, Jaap Snellen, Mark & Mildred Koks, Dorian Cheung, Susanne Kikkert, Alice Diels, Larreeny Valdink, Loraine Pengel, Henno Eggenkamp, Hans Meiboom, Lloyd Oosterwolde, Niek van Campen, Lesley Adu-Darkwah

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Kruitberg 1004a | 1104 CA

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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